Hispanic Health Coalition

Advancing Health Equity in the Latino Community since 1996

Our Programs

Scholarship Program

Since 2011, the Hispanic Health Coalition has dedicated its efforts to improving the health of Houston’s Hispanic and Latino community. The Hispanic Health Coalition’s Annual Scholarship provides scholarships to Hispanic and Latino students pursuing a career in healthcare.

Get Up! Get Moving!

¡Vive tu vida! Get Up! Get Moving! ™ is the nation’s premier annual Hispanic family physical activity and healthy lifestyle event, and is for people of all ages. The reminds people of all ages and sizes to make better healthy choices by adding fun, flair and corazón (heart) to their daily lives.

Latino Health Summit

Since 1996, the Hispanic Health Coalition has invited over 3000+ community leaders to participate in the Latino Health Summit, and has partnered with various organizations to hold events and create a healthier environment.

Top 4 Hispanic Health Coalition Priorities

Health Promotion
Access to healthcare